203: Portland General Electric's Advanced Wildfire Risk Reduction Program
Date & Time
Tuesday, December 8, 2020, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Alex Konopka

In 2019, PGE Vegetation Management implemented AWRR (Advanced Wildfire Risk Reduction) programming. AWRR is a Vegetation Management Program designed to reduce the risk and impacts of wildfire within PGE’s service territory. Utilizing annual inspection cycles, prescriptive trimming, and enhanced vegetation control techniques, PGE can work towards reducing risk on our most vulnerable overhead line mileage. This effort lead PGE’s operational execution of wildfire risk mitigation efforts. Our early success was enabled by subject matter expertise; developing operational plans, leveraging emerging technology, and utilizing near real-time data analysis. While PGE is new to this arena, we have a wealth of insight to share with our peers that are also forward-leaning in their approach to wildfire risk mitigation. During the session, we will be reviewing PGE’s AWRR case study and discussing the operational and situational-awareness tools that support the program. We will also be discussing the dynamic partnership that was expanded upon with one of our primary AWRR stakeholders, the United States Forest Service.