Webinar: Evolution of a Wildfire Mitigation Program: Early Stages at Black Hills Energy and The Utility Wildfire Mitigation Maturity Model
Date & Time
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Ryan Brockbank Tim Madsen

While California continues to gain most of the media coverage due to utility-caused catastrophic wildfires, conditions exist in many other parts of the country where utilities face similar risks and liabilities from their systems and operations. To address this need, Black Hills Energy (BHE) contracted with ECI and its multi-disciplinary team of wildfire subject matter experts to support the development of strategic, tactical and operational programs aimed at mitigating wildfire threats on its electrical system. BHE’s generates 939 MW and transmits and distributes electricity over 8,892 mile of line to approximately 214,000 electric utility customers in Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming. The webinar will cover the early stages of BHE’s journey in assessing its wildfire risk, identifying mitigation opportunities, prioritizing and planning its mitigation efforts, and instilling a fire safe culture at BHE as it begins implementing a variety of wildfire risk mitigation initiatives. The session will also cover the California Public Utility Commission’s Utility Wildfire Mitigation Maturity Model.